A 10-Step Sex Etiquette Guide For Newbie Swingers

Because there’s things you need to know before you start swingin’.

Have you ever wondered how swingers get the party started in bed? If it takes two to tango, you’ll have to adjust the steps a bit to dance with four or more. Sex can be complicated enough for two people, let alone a whole group.

So how does one grease the wheels of this crowded sex train? Allow me to enlighten you with the 10 Commandments to swinging success:

1. Shed those pesky inhibitions.

All parties involved have to come into the situation knowing what they’re walking into. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. So if there’s anyone in the room that seems to be hanging on to any reservations, the rest of the folks are going to feel it, and it’ll sour the sexy.

Know where you stand before you enter the room. More than likely, the other sex-cadets … Read the rest “A 10-Step Sex Etiquette Guide For Newbie Swingers”

Title: Cultural Variations in Swinging: A Global Perspective

Swinging, or the lifestyle of engaging in consensual intimate relationships outside of a monogamous partnership, presents uniquely across the globe, influenced significantly by cultural, legal, and social factors. This article delves into the fascinating diversity of swinging practices worldwide, revealing how different cultures embrace, modify, or hide these activities based on their distinctive norms and values.

Western vs. Eastern Perspectives:
In Western cultures, particularly in the U.S. and much of Europe, swinging is often characterized by a degree of openness and acceptance. Private clubs, social websites, and lifestyle vacations cater to these communities, promoting a relatively open dialogue about such practices. In contrast, Eastern countries like Japan and India show more conservatism in public discourse regarding swinging. Here, cultural and religious influences often keep these activities discreet, with such communities operating more clandestinely to avoid societal scrutiny.

Latin American Nuances:
The swinging scene in Latin America, especially in countries … Read the rest “Title: Cultural Variations in Swinging: A Global Perspective”

Couple Swinger: 25 Alarming Tales from the Fringes

Couple Swinger: 25 Alarming Tales from the Fringes

The Enigmatic World of Couple Swingers: Beyond the Stereotypes

The term “couple swinger” often evokes a myriad of emotions and preconceived notions. But what lies beyond the surface? Let’s delve deep into the enigmatic world of couple swingers, shedding light on the lesser-known tales and experiences that often remain untold.

The Mysterious Masquerade Ball

It was a chilly evening when Clara and James received an ornate invitation to a masquerade ball. The theme? Mysteries of the Heart. Little did they know, this wasn’t just any ball. It was an exclusive gathering for couple swingers, a place where masks hid more than just faces. As the night unfolded, the couple found themselves entranced by the allure of the unknown.

The ballroom was filled with whispers, stolen glances, and the soft rustle of silk. But as dawn approached, the masks came off, revealing the true identities of those they had danced … Read the rest “Couple Swinger: 25 Alarming Tales from the Fringes”

What are sex clubs and how legit or legal are they, in the USA?

Franklin Veaux, co-author of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory:

As the name suggests, they’re clubs where people go to have sex, watch people having sex, or be watched having sex.

There are a lot of different varieties: swing clubs, where people go to have sex with each other or be watched; BDSM clubs, where people go to engage in kink activities (they often have specialized equipment and toys that most folks either can’t afford or don’t have room for); performance clubs, where people go to watch others have sex on stage; and so on.

Sex clubs may be private invitation-only things or public places. Some sex clubs host events, workshops, or conferences.

…and how legit or legal are they, in the USA

Generally speaking, unless they’re actually charging money for sex, they’re totally legal. You pay for access to the club, not for sex. Going … Read the rest “What are sex clubs and how legit or legal are they, in the USA?”

2021’s Best Swingers Clubs In The United States

  • by Sasha Linch
  • Fact checked

Best Swingers Clubs In The United States

We all need an excitement injection into our relationships at times, don’t we? You know that thing where after three months you’re just doing the standard Saturday morning “quick thrust and roll out of bed”? I mean, where’s the enjoyment in that?

For relationships and marriages to last, you need to spice things up! Another thing with long-term loving is that you can lose confidence in your appearance. Rather than hitting the gym with your partner, you hit the local takeaway and munch out on the sofa (and I don’t mean munching pussy). Flirting with each other can disintegrate.

There’s this secret way to feel sexy again, guess what it is?

SWINGING! Yes! Swingers report (1) that it raises self-esteem! Swinging spices up relationships, gives you more orgasmic sex, and develops more self-confidence. Amazing!… Read the rest “2021’s Best Swingers Clubs In The United States”

Sharing your Photos Online

If you are trying to meet Swingers online, one of the first things people will want to know is what you look like. You can give them your height, weight, hair color, etc., but at the end of they day they will still not have an idea of if they are attracted to you. If you want to get people interested in meeting you, providing photos online will help you be seen and help them decide much earlier if they really want to meet you sooner rather than later.

Post with Pictures
Regardless of what you are doing online, whether it is creating a profile on a Swinger website or posting an ad on Craigslist in the Casual Encounters section, you will get a HUGE increase in the number of responses you get if you include a picture. There are a few reasons for this. Many sites have a checkbox … Read the rest “Sharing your Photos Online”

Are You A Swinger? Know These 8 Important Rules.

If you’re thinking of taking a swing at it, being prepared is key if you don’t want your first time at a sex club to be your last.

Establish Ground Rules. Before stepping foot in a club-especially if you’re going with a significant other-know your limits. A few weeks before my first swing club outing, Tom, the polyamorous married blogger behind Polyamorously Perverse stressed to me the importance of knowing what you can and can’t handle. “It’s one thing to imagine it, and it’s another to actually confront it,” he warned. “If you and your boyfriend are at a swingers club with another couple, and she puts his cock in her mouth, are you going to freak out?” Point taken.

Just Say No. You’re never under any obligation to participate at a swing club, no apologies or excuses necessary. If someone you’re not into approaches you, a polite “no thank … Read the rest “Are You A Swinger? Know These 8 Important Rules.”

Swingers 101: Joining in on the Excitement as a Newbie

Have you decided that swinging may be an exciting addition to your lifestyle? Indeed, swingers and swinger parties are a great time, but the lifestyle may not be right for every couple. For the newbie swingers couple, it is important to understand the dynamics, etiquette, and expectations of swinging.


Cementing your relationship

The key to having a great time swinging is to cement your relationship. If your husband holds jealousy issues – and he only wants you to touch other women while he watches – then this does not bode well for a happy swingers experience. Instead, it is important that you are both honest with each other, work out your expectations, and snuff out jealousy to enjoy swingers parties.

As the trend of swingers grows, many younger couples have become attracted to this lifestyle, lured by the excitement of sexual escapades and new experiences. However, it is important that … Read the rest “Swingers 101: Joining in on the Excitement as a Newbie”

Secret Signs And Symbols To Identify Other Swingers

Contrary to popular thoughts that there are no signs or symbols that swingers use to attract different swingers, in many cases, it appears that a few people are continually searching for a systematic approach to check out whether a friend, neighbor or colleague is a swinger.So, yes, there are swinger symbols that the swinging community uses to attract other potential partners. This is also supported by the fact that because a swinger will have sex with someone else outside their primary relationship doesn’t necessary mean that they’ll have intercourse with whoever just goes along, when in fact swingers are just as picky as any other individual in the society about who they’re attracted to and who they’ll have sex with. Much the same as the joke: “Yes, I’m polyamorous. No, I won’t engage in sexual relations with you.” the same can be said for swingers: “Yes, I’m a swinger. No, … Read the rest “Secret Signs And Symbols To Identify Other Swingers”

Swingers Slang

Source: https://allswingersclubs.org/articles/swingers-101/

Congratulations, you have made the decision to swing. Get ready to meet some amazing people who are open-minded, sexually aware and will be pleased to welcome you into their ranks. There is no ‘Member’s Card’ but you have now joined millions of adventurous couples around the world who will be pleased to meet you and make you welcome. You will find that most swingers are relaxed, courteous couples that embrace the ‘Lifestyle’. Like any activity, swinging comes with its own special glossary, here are some of the important terms that will help you both gain the maximum enjoyment from your newfound activity!

Don’t worry about your first time! Lifestyle events are mostly very respectful, as swingers that attend know and follow the unspoken rules and etiquette. At your first event, you are welcome to watch and observe without any pressure!

First and foremost, swingers generally refer to their … Read the rest “Swingers Slang”

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