Swinger Cruise Playroom Etiquette

Wondering about the “ins and outs” on swinger cruise playroom etiquette?   We, at The Swinger Cruise, are happy to break down the basics of playroom etiquette.

If you’ve been on a lifestyle cruise, resort based vacation or attended a club then you know what a playroom is. If you haven’t but only heard about them, curious reader, then I am going to pull back the curtain and school you on the rules and etiquette of a public playroom.

Swinger Cruise Playroom Perspective

Although the playroom may appear to be a literal fucking free-for-all, there are rules to be followed so that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience.

The Prime Directive (a nod to you science fiction fans), is that consent is required to proceed.

Yes means Yes,
No means No,
and Maybe means No.

What that means is if you are not playing with your regular partner, you should … Read the rest “Swinger Cruise Playroom Etiquette”