A 10-Step Sex Etiquette Guide For Newbie Swingers

Because there’s things you need to know before you start swingin’.

Have you ever wondered how swingers get the party started in bed? If it takes two to tango, you’ll have to adjust the steps a bit to dance with four or more. Sex can be complicated enough for two people, let alone a whole group.

So how does one grease the wheels of this crowded sex train? Allow me to enlighten you with the 10 Commandments to swinging success:

1. Shed those pesky inhibitions.

All parties involved have to come into the situation knowing what they’re walking into. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. So if there’s anyone in the room that seems to be hanging on to any reservations, the rest of the folks are going to feel it, and it’ll sour the sexy.

Know where you stand before you enter the room. More than likely, the other sex-cadets … Read the rest “A 10-Step Sex Etiquette Guide For Newbie Swingers”

Pardon me. Please – Learning Swinger Etiquette

Today I’m a swinging unicorn, but if you dig through all the other labels I’ve worn over the years, the one that’s always been firmly attached to my psyche is “southern girl.”

There’s more to that than owning a set of iced tea spoons and being able to use the expression “ya’ll” without a trace of irony. The Southern girl concept can’t be completely grasped without understanding that politeness counts and proper etiquette is mandatory.

Making that perspective mesh with the Lifestyle has been challenging. The social complexities of swinging aren’t included in Emily Post. Without any written guidelines, I’ve been forced to guess at the appropriate response to unfamiliar situations and hope I don’t commit a faux pas so offensive that my license to swing is revoked.

Proper orgy etiquette alone could fill an entire chapter, beginning with the simplest of questions. What’s the appropriate arrival time for an … Read the rest “Pardon me. Please – Learning Swinger Etiquette”

How to Behave in Swingers Clubs

A few handy tips to make sure you don’t get kicked out before you’ve even had the chance to take your clothes off.

Photo by Mimi LaMontagne from ‘Untangling Australia’s Complicated Sex Laws at a Gold Coast Swingers Club’

For the first time since a naturist spa in Kent announced it would be hosting an orgy/cancer research fundraiser, Britain’s swinging community has hit the headlines. On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that a man named Roy Maggs had unsuccessfully attempted to sue the annual three-day sex festival Swingfields after he was refused entry to the event last July.

Turns out that although Maggs had shelled out $182 for an “earlybird gentleman’s ticket,” he had failed to read the small print stipulating that would-be single males needed to provide two character references to guarantee entry.

The thought of a disappointed Mr. Maggs skulking off from the Swingfields site, crestfallen, the … Read the rest “How to Behave in Swingers Clubs”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Swinging You HAVE to Follow

How can you make sure nothing goes wrong when you swap partners while swinging? How can exchanging partners be good for the relationship? Find out about the do’s and don’ts of swingers right here.

Although the majority of swinging will end up involving lovemaking and getting frisky with each other’s partners, it isn’t all about just that. Swinging is about building up the atmosphere of warmth and belonging.

Whether you are at a party with another couple or with another person for a threesome, you will be having a great time eating, drinking and chatting. To get into the comfort zone, building camaraderie with someone is essential to get down on the knees later.

Swingers can differentiate between fun and friendship. The love and companionship provided by their existing relationship is bare and transparent. There are no rough edges anywhere and they make sure of that or there may be … Read the rest “The Do’s and Don’ts of Swinging You HAVE to Follow”

The 10 Rules of Swinging

What should you know about swinging before you try to swing with your partner? Here are the ten most important rules that every swinger couple should know and follow to make sure you have a good time while swapping partners.

Like any other human activity, swinging also has its pros and cons. A few basic laid down principles can make swinging fun and foul-free, every time.

One goes, both go

Come as a couple and leave as one. It is not preferable if one goes while the other lags behind. Always go hand in hand without leaving your partner behind. Swinging is safer and easier if both partners are comfortable indulging in it. It is a team game. Not a solo affair.


Arriving at the correct time applies here as well. Turning up late at a party is a turn-off. By the time you’re in, the night would be … Read the rest “The 10 Rules of Swinging”

Unspoken rules/etiquette of swinging

Always respect the excuse of another couple, even if you know it’s bullshit. For example: you agree to meet a couple for dinner with the expectation that if all goes well you’ll be playing with them. However, as dinner progresses, the other couple “gets a text” that their kid is sick or some other emergency, shake hands and move on. Don’t try to convince them to stay and play or be pushy. Couples are not good at being direct if things aren’t clicking, so lame excuses are quite common. Accept that it will happen and don’t take it too personally. The successes in the lifestyle feel way better than the failures hurt.

Do you use condoms? Tell them. You like creampies? Talk about it. You like it rough? Say so. He’s gagging you and you’re not into it? Ask him to stop.

A couple in a LTR will learn their … Read the rest “Unspoken rules/etiquette of swinging”

Etiquette Inside a Swingers Club

Ready to visit a swingers club, but you have no idea what to expect or what’s expected of you? Since John and I own swingers clubs we’ve put together this top 10 list to help couples and singles explore their wild side!

1. Visit the swingers club’s online site:

Most clubs are going to have an online website for you to visit. This is a great way to get a sneak peek into the club and figure out general information regarding what the club has to offer and their rules. Do they have any upcoming theme nights? I know from a woman’s standpoint I want to know the dress code before I attend a new venue. Be sure to check out if they take credit cards or are cash only, what nights the club is open, and the hours. Look at pictures online of the club to be sure it’s … Read the rest “Etiquette Inside a Swingers Club”

Rules You Didn’t Know Were in Place for Swingers

To most “squares,” the idea of a swingers party elicits visions of a cramped room full of writhing, sweat-soaked bodies; people uninhibited by “traditional” sexual protocols. 

But, in reality, a sex party is a finely orchestrated get-together that not only requires a good bit of planning, but quite a few rules too. When you’re dealing with a large group of people having sex with one another, there need to be swingers rules in place. These rules at swingers parties make everyone feel safe in the incredibly delicate emotional and physical situation they’re in, and also set the tone for the party. 

It might sound surprising, but without rules, swingers parties just aren’t as magical as they’re supposed to be. 

No Means NO

No Means NO is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Rules You Didn't Know Were in Place for Swingers
Photo: Warner Bros.

You’d think this would be pretty obvious, but it’s important to reiterate: if someone says no, that’s exactly what they mean. It’s also important to note if someone says “maybe later,” or … Read the rest “Rules You Didn’t Know Were in Place for Swingers”

Swinger Cruise Playroom Etiquette

Wondering about the “ins and outs” on swinger cruise playroom etiquette?   We, at The Swinger Cruise, are happy to break down the basics of playroom etiquette.

If you’ve been on a lifestyle cruise, resort based vacation or attended a club then you know what a playroom is. If you haven’t but only heard about them, curious reader, then I am going to pull back the curtain and school you on the rules and etiquette of a public playroom.

Swinger Cruise Playroom Perspective

Although the playroom may appear to be a literal fucking free-for-all, there are rules to be followed so that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience.

The Prime Directive (a nod to you science fiction fans), is that consent is required to proceed.

Yes means Yes,
No means No,
and Maybe means No.

What that means is if you are not playing with your regular partner, you should … Read the rest “Swinger Cruise Playroom Etiquette”

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