Secret Signs And Symbols To Identify Other Swingers

Contrary to popular thoughts that there are no signs or symbols that swingers use to attract different swingers, in many cases, it appears that a few people are continually searching for a systematic approach to check out whether a friend, neighbor or colleague is a swinger.So, yes, there are swinger symbols that the swinging community uses to attract other potential partners. This is also supported by the fact that because a swinger will have sex with someone else outside their primary relationship doesn’t necessary mean that they’ll have intercourse with whoever just goes along, when in fact swingers are just as picky as any other individual in the society about who they’re attracted to and who they’ll have sex with. Much the same as the joke: “Yes, I’m polyamorous. No, I won’t engage in sexual relations with you.” the same can be said for swingers: “Yes, I’m a swinger. No, I won’t engage in sexual relations with you.”


  • Pampas grass in the front yard garden
  • Pink or purple decorations in the front yard
  • Pineapple placed upside down in a shopping cart
  • A pineapple door knocker
  • A fire pit in the yard
  • A hot tub in the yard
  • A woman wears an anklet on her right leg
  • A woman wears an anklet on her left leg
  • A man or woman wearing a red ball cap
  • White landscaping rocks in someone’s front yard
  • Wearing a thumb ring
  • Wearing a toe ring
  • Switching the wedding ring to the right hand
  • Yin-Yang tattoo


swinger symbol upside down pineapple


They do say nobody realizes what goes on behind closed doors – but, is your neighbor sending out secret clues that they’re into swinging?
The pineapple throughout the ages has represented charming hospitality and enthusiastic welcoming. A pineapple when kept on a patio or mailbox by swingers, it implies that a swinger party is underway. When a pineapple is turned upside down, it represents an individual is looking for a swinger party. However, initially, it was turned upside down in the people’s shopping basket.
The popularity of the upside down pineapple has made it acceptable for clothes and different other items as a secret message in the swinging community. Swingers utilize this symbol to recognize each other in broad daylight. Evidently, a pineapple left on the front entryway amidst the night is (in the modern time) really a bold request or a cheerful welcome for the swingers to join in!

swinger symbol pampas grass


Yes, Pampas Grass has earned itself a long relationship with swingers, according to an article published in the Daily Telegraph.
Scientifically called Cortaderia selloana, the grass is the secret code which indicates its owner appreciates the alternative lifestyle of swinging.
Unfortunately, in the case of Pampas grass, there is such mind-bending publicity, which resulted in plummeting sales in recent years.
Let the charm and temptation of swinging intrigue to you, proceed and knock on the Pampas Grass owner’s door next time – just make sure to be accompanied by your partner.

the swinger symbol the swing


For most people wearing a black ring, anklets or other jewelry only means plain accessories. But a lot of swingers wear them for the specific reason to show their openness secretly to other swingers. To distinguish swingers from others wearing those accessories without knowing about the secret meaning, many swingers prefer to have the swinger symbol “the swing” added to their accessories or tattooed to be sure to target the right audience. 

swinger symbol black ring


It seems that swingers even have their own secret accessories- which are helpful when trying to recognize a fellow swinger or people who enjoy this alternative lifestyle.
As per Cooper Beckett, host of the Life on the Swingset Podcast, numerous couples are out there who wear a black ring to secretly imply that they are into swinging.
He even wrote in an article publishes in the Daily Telegraph: “Wear your black ring on your right hand in the event that you are out and open to meet other swingers.”
In that article, he even helpfully guided on the most proficient way to break the ice in case you identify a fellow swinger in broad daylight.
“On the off chance that somebody wearing a dark ring on their right-hand approaches you, start conversing with them, ‘I see you’re wearing a black ring on your right hand. Possibly we are the members of the same club’.”

swinger symbols garden gear


​Next time you run out of sugar and need to knock your next door neighbor, ensure you carefully observe his/her choice of garden gear and home decorations.
As per an article published in the lifestyle, health, and wellness website Bigger Love, swingers are into white landscaping rocks and pink or purple enrichment in the front garden as a secret method to signal to their fellow swingers.
Pineapples as well, evidently, when placed in the form of door knockers secretly suggest that your neighbor is a swinger.
Oh, and garden gnomes may appear tasteless but ironically they’re kitsch and honest. Because these are the secret codes that signal Mr. and Mrs. might request that you put your car keys in a glass bowl.

swinger sign hot tub


Having a hot tub in the garden is likewise acclaimed for being a typical swinger mentality.
In any case, as indicated in an article in The Sun and later in the New York Post by Ross Phillipson, Sales chief at Hot Tubs Superstore in Blackpool, this has currently transformed into a legend.
He clarified: “The greatest confusion is that hot tubs are the preserve of swingers, liberal Premiership footballers or flashy types who live in Essex. Truth be told, they are purchased by anybody and everybody.”
Another sign is that your neighbor will never open their garage entryway until they’re in the car with the doors shut, as per a Reddit discussion.

swinger wristband symbol


​In the not so distant past, these were extremely popular, with individuals gladly brandishing wristbands to secretly demonstrate their swinging aims.
Well, “Charity begins at home” – and hence, swingers have likewise reportedly got their own branded wristbands.
These wristbands have an extraordinary “sign” which, along with to the black rings, were made to enable swingers to identify each other potentially. It is also unpretentious and respects the privacy of the individual who wears it.
What you have to pay special attention to, are the universal male and female signs organized horizontally with their circles crossing, with three plus signs on the two sides.



Albeit numerous women nowadays may think about the anklet is only a minor tinkle, it really and in generally symbolizes that a woman is married or committed to her partner/husband/lover yet available to other men for sexual adventures with the partner’s/husband’s consent and encouragement. They are usually referred as a “hotwife”. At the point when a married lady wears an anklet, it implies that she is open to relationships and sexual adventures with men other than her partner/husband.
In the event that the anklet contains heart images, it implies the wife is committed to her significant other yet free to date other men and have sexual relationships with mutual benefits.
If the anklet contains the letter Q and the spade symbol, sometimes accompanied with a tattoo of a playing card and the letter Q inside, it usually means that the wife has a sexual preference for black men.

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