Swingers 101: Joining in on the Excitement as a Newbie

Have you decided that swinging may be an exciting addition to your lifestyle? Indeed, swingers and swinger parties are a great time, but the lifestyle may not be right for every couple. For the newbie swingers couple, it is important to understand the dynamics, etiquette, and expectations of swinging.


Cementing your relationship

The key to having a great time swinging is to cement your relationship. If your husband holds jealousy issues – and he only wants you to touch other women while he watches – then this does not bode well for a happy swingers experience. Instead, it is important that you are both honest with each other, work out your expectations, and snuff out jealousy to enjoy swingers parties.

As the trend of swingers grows, many younger couples have become attracted to this lifestyle, lured by the excitement of sexual escapades and new experiences. However, it is important that couple – young or old – have a firm understanding of why they want to become swingers. If this mutual understanding is not cemented, then the marital relationship will suffer. Not resolving these understandings before swinging will also lead to poor swingers relationships. Indeed, it is important for the couple to understand the realities of many relationships to embark on an exciting swingers lifestyle.

Following the etiquette firmly

Swingers have a very firm code of etiquette that is essentially uniform across almost all swingers parties. Swingers follow their etiquette very closely, as this is important in creating the safe, engaging environment of swingers parties.

  • Treat each other courteously.
  • Always be polite.
  • RSVP or decline every invitation.
  • Arrive at swingers parties prepared with your necessities
  • Maintain your personal hygiene.
  • Respect other people’s feelings and wishes.
  • Alcohol may be included at events, but drugs are generally not used.
  • Engage in safe sex.
  • Express your appreciation to the host or hostess.
  • Couples arrive and leave together.

Testing the swingers waters

For the newbie swinger, you may want to first watch at swingers parties. When appropriate, feel free to join in on kissing and caressing, and when you feel comfortable enough with the situation, you can join in on the sexual fun. You may want to first start by having sex in the same room as another couple, and then swapping partners. You can then move into engaging in a foursome. You can find your way into the swingers lifestyle by looking for personal ads or joining a swingers club. Remember, secure your personal relationship first, abide by the swingers party etiquette, and slowly ease yourself into the excitement.


Aelicia J. Anderson

SRC: http://www.singlesguide.org/advice/adult-dating/9/

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